Brand Specialist

City(s): Ville St-Laurent


Published: April 16, 2019
Type: Temporary
Position to fulfill: 1


The Brand Specialist is primarily responsible for ensuring optimal levels of inventory to enable the offer of a range of products that meets our customer needs and supports sales according to our industry’s seasonal cycles. He/she is also responsible for the smooth running of the procurement process with his/her related group of suppliers.


  • Purchase the ranges of products assigned to meet the specific Canadian needs of our customers;
  • Maintain inventory in line with company growth;
  • Follow the various programs and make the necessary adjustments to minimize losses and maximize profits;
  • Support sales by ensuring the inventory of products in light of their seasonal specifications;
  • Act as primary contact with suppliers for everything related to purchases;
  • Ensure the accuracy of prices and take advantage of supplier discounts;
  • Work in close collaboration with the Marketing Department with regards to the products purchased;
  • Ensure purchase orders from different suppliers;
  • Ensure the management of stock transfers between the various warehouses of the company;
  • Work with the distribution and operations team to maximize the receiving capabilities and protection of our products at our suppliers.


  • Technical background: Your Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Operations Management Profile) combined with your 2-4 years of procurement experience has provided you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure an optimal inventory level and to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. Your experience in seasonal environments as well as your knowledge of the tire industry would be real assets;
  • Autonomy: You know how to make decisions on your own, despite grey areas. Your sound judgement and sense of initiative allow you to act accordingly in order to ensure optimal inventory at all times;
  • Organization: You can perform several tasks at the same time and know how to manage tight deadlines. You handle stress very well and can quickly make the right decisions;
  • Discipline and attention to detail: You pay attention to getting the job done right. Detail-oriented and precise, you verify the accuracy of information provided and are tenacious in your follow-ups;
  • Technical skills: You have no trouble quickly grasping complex software (Excel);
  • Communication skills: You have strong oral and written communication skills, in both English and French.

Temporary position of 14 months.

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