Customer Service Specialist / Kitting

City(s): L'Assomption, QC et Montreal, QC

Inside Sales/Customer Service

Published: August 8, 2022
Type: Full time
Position to fulfill: 1

The Customer Service Specialist / Kitting acts as the contact point for outside customers for the various kit projects underway and for upcoming projects. He is responsible for communicating with various clients in order to gather the information required for the proper operation of the projects while ensuring the maintenance of the necessary kit ordering tools for customers. Abilities in problem solving, communication and organisation are vital to the Customer Service Specialist / Kitting.




  • Act as the primary contact for automobile dealers in the management of their advance orders and their deliveries;
  • Manage daily orders, billing and shipment tracking for the active programs and other upcoming projects;
  • Track shipments and obtain the proof of delivery receipts required by the dealers, the manufacturers and the sales department;
  • Perform daily inventory checks for dealers, manufacturers and other Groupe Touchette departments;
  • Produce and provide sales reports and inventory reports for different manufacturers (automotive and tire) on a weekly or daily basis during peak periods;
  • Produce monthly sales reports for different manufacturers and communicate them to various internal and external customers for billing purposes;
  • Enter, manage, and update the advance dealer orders in our ERP system (Costar & SAP);
  • Set up and maintain the shipping schedule for each project. Validate obtained dates and enter them into the schedule in order to use it as a communication tool with the production coordinator and the warehouses;
  • Support the automobile dealers and manufacturers with our advance customer order tool;
  • Support the internal sales department and the account managers for issues regarding kit projects or with training;
  • Produce tools to facilitate orders from the automobile dealers;
  • Support the internal sales department with inbound and outbound client calls bookings, returns, rebills and/or other tasks.



Success factors

  • Technical knowledge: Your experience in the tire industry is undoubtedly one of your strengths. In terms of your ease with web tools and CRM type applications in addition to your skills with Excel, they are essential and will be of great use;
  • Problem solving skills: challenges and difficulties do not scare you; you like to solve problems and find solutions that allow you to improve the processes in place;
  • Customer Focus: Your interpersonal skills and sense of customer service allow you to always complete your tasks in the interests of customers and meet their needs;
  • Communication skills: you have the ability to express yourself clearly, orally and in writing, in both French and English;
  • Organisation: You know how to manage your time and meet deadlines in order to deliver a quality service and meet the needs of customers within the agreed timeframe. Highly organised and self motivated with the ability to prioritizes tasks.



 ***Note that the workplace is shared between L'Assomption (6 months/year) and Montreal, Saint-Laurent (6 months/year)***


  • Quebec company of national scope;
  • Opportunity for growth in an expanding company;
  • Work environment stimulated by innovation;
  • Full range of social benefits*;
  • Group RRSP*;
  • Flexible hours and teleworking (depending on the position);
  • Competitive salaries;
  • Sick days*.

*Some conditions apply.

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