Regional Operations Manager - Prairies

City(s): Manitoba


Published: August 10, 2023
Type: Full time
Position to fulfill: 1


  • Provide leadership to his/her team by setting achievable goals and providing the operational support needed to achieve them by acting as a mentor for the supervisors and warehouse managers in his / her region;
  • Prepare the annual regional budget, train supervisors so that they understand the budget and monitor and make adjustments throughout the year;
  • Develop strategies to control operational costs based on the annual budget and take measures to reduce disparities affecting the budget, when necessary;
  • Plan the regional needs in terms of labor, by flexing all resources to meet the business demands according to the seasons;
  • Participate in the development of standard operating procedures (SOP) and policies, and ensure that they are followed and comply with current laws;
  • Maintain accurate and balanced inventory levels without loss in region.
  • Track the performance of distribution centers based on business objectives by generating various reports on stocks and productivity and propose necessary actions to improve performance, service, quality, and cost;
  • Maintain regional regulatory obligations by creating healthy and safe work environments in warehouses and by ensuring the respect of the obligations within fleet management program;
  • Protect business assets by scheduling regular maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Success factors


  • Leadership: You have a knack for mobilizing your employees in order to achieve the objectives and build a positive and productive culture. You are an ambassador for good business practices and have the ability to develop your employees so that they offer their best, particularly in terms of customer service;
  • Operational expertise: Your university diploma in operations and logistics combined with your significant experience in the management of distribution centers have provided you with the knowledge and skills necessary for the management and optimisation of operations and all that it entails;
  • Business sense: You understand the various aspects of a company and your strategic thinking allows you to make informed and wise decisions, both financially and operationally;
  • Analytical thinking: You have the capacity to clearly diagnose regional problems and orient solutions towards strategic business goals and optimize work processes within the distribution centers. You leverage appropriate data to be innovative and generate opportunities of continuous improvement;
  • Courage: You know how to make difficult decisions and have the courage of your convictions. You do everything in your power to achieve your objectives despite constraints and difficulties. Determined, you never give up.


  • Quebec company of national scope;
  • Opportunity for growth in an expanding company;
  • Work environment stimulated by innovation;
  • Full range of social benefits*;
  • Group RRSP*;
  • Flexible hours and teleworking (depending on the position);
  • Competitive salaries;
  • Sick days*.

*Some conditions apply.

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